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My editing services can help you, whatever stage you’re at in your writing. Not sure where to start? Check out this blog post first, or book a free diagnostic call.

$225 Sample Manuscript Appraisal & Zoom Call

This new service is a great tool to kick-start your own early edits, and to get a feel for what developmental editing can do for your work-in-progress (read about manuscript appraisals below).

What can you expect?
I’ll closely read your sample and prepare my feedback, including what I see as its strengths and weaknesses and suggestions to guide you going forward. Then we arrange a 30 min Zoom call to go through it all, and you can ask me any questions you have.

Ready? Simply click “book now” below, and include the following in your message:

  • Your sample – either a short story or two chapters from your WIP (one from the start and one from further into the story)
  • A brief outline of the plot
  • A list of your characters and their relationships to each other

Manuscript Appraisal

A manuscript appraisal is a great place to start when it comes to editing. It’s much more comprehensive than a beta read, but cheaper and less daunting than a full developmental edit.

If you’re a bit stuck, or wanting to take your work to the next level, this comprehensive service offers a careful, in-depth reading of your manuscript and clear, helpful advice on what could be improved and how.

Guiding Appraisal

A nudge in the right direction, if you will.
If you’re confident in your skills but low on budget, this service offers an appraisal of an agreed sample of your work. I identify any issues within the sample and make practical suggestions about how to improve key areas, then you work your own magic and apply this guidance to the rest of the manuscript.

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit is looks at the building blocks of your writing (characterisation, plot, setting, pacing, etc.), highlighting any issues and making detailed suggestions on how your manuscript could be strengthened.


Copyediting involves fixing the grammar, punctuation, word choices and sentence structure of your finished manuscript.
A copyedit can also comment on issues of consistency, appropriateness of language and factual accuracy.

Your Edibuddy Book Coaching

Want your very own Edibuddy to help you with your writing one-on-one?

With Your Edibuddy, you can:

  • Ask any questions
  • Get help with writing and mapping things out
  • Get parts of your work appraised
  • Arrange a mini developmental edit on one or two aspects of your manuscript
  • Get a sample of your work copyedited

Pick one or multiple, whatever fits within the time 😊

Book coaching is $85/hour
Book coaching packages: 5 hours – $400
10 hours – $750

Book/Ask for Quote:

It’s pretty easy to critique a piece of writing, but doing it in a way that is actionable requires thoughtfulness, and I appreciate Megan’s work.

The points she made helped to guide my redrafting in a helpful direction, without being critical or discouraging. Thank you, Megan!

— Jude

I really appreciate the time and deep thought you’ve invested. You’ve nailed the issues in my characterisation and pacing and given me plenty of practical directions to improve them.

Your highly constructive criticism has inspired me to re-work my manuscript and I feel equipped to make major enhancements, hopefully to lift it to publishable quality.

And you can quote me on that!

— Rebecca

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