Megan was a joy to work with.

She paid close attention to the areas I needed help with, and I found her feedback useful. It was easy to talk to her and she listened to my concerns and ideas. She answered my questions and was genuinely interested in helping me improve my book. On top of that, her qualifications are top notch.

I would definitely recommend this service and will be using it again in the (hopefully near) future


Her tone was encouraging and the stream of questions and suggestions encouraged me to return to the story and provide the answers.


It’s pretty easy to critique a piece of writing, but doing it in a way that is actionable requires thoughtfulness, and I appreciate Megan’s work.

The points she made helped to guide my redrafting in a helpful direction, without being critical or discouraging. Thank you, Megan!


Megan pinpointed particular parts of my writing that resonated for her as a reader, and those that needed more depth…I appreciated her genuine interest in my story and her detailed feedback to assist me in making it more effective.

I now feel like I have the tools to make it the story I set out for it to be. I would highly recommend Megan to other writers who would like to improve their writing.


I really appreciate the time and deep thought you’ve invested. You’ve nailed the issues in my characterisation and pacing and given me plenty of practical directions to improve them.

Your highly constructive criticism has inspired me to re-work my manuscript and I feel equipped to make major enhancements, hopefully to lift it to publishable quality.

And you can quote me on that!


I was recommended Megan by a friend…she was very professional, spoke and understood the processes of editing novels, and overall impressed me with her knowledge.

I was blown away by the exceptional advice and depth she brought to the table. Her ability to analyse the plot, character development and recognise key components that deserve more attention are what make her a fabulous editor.

The difference in feedback from my beta-readers and other friends which also write was unparalleled.


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