How do I start writing my story?

So you’ve got a great story idea…but how – or where – should you start? How to start writing, what to do first, or what the “right” way to go about writing is are questions I see popping up in online writers’ groups all the time. In this video I talked about the importance ofContinue reading “How do I start writing my story?”

Writing through the Fog

We can’t always execute things perfectly… Picture the scene: It’s all taking much longer than you want it to, but you’re determined to just get this bit done. You promised yourself. But, the words you’re writing are, to be honest, a bit rubbish. Maybe you’ve re-written the same sentence 10 times. Maybe the tone soundsContinue reading “Writing through the Fog”

What next? What to do after finishing your draft.

You’ve finished your draft. Well done! It takes a lot of time and work to finish your draft, but what do you do when it’s finished? Here’s a bit of a break down of what your next steps might be: 1. Let it sit for a while. You’ve put your heart and soul into writingContinue reading “What next? What to do after finishing your draft.”

The A-Z of Writing Struggles

Writing is hard…but here are some tips and encouragement to get you through!