Writing through the Fog

We can’t always execute things perfectly… Picture the scene: It’s all taking much longer than you want it to, but you’re determined to just get this bit done. You promised yourself. But, the words you’re writing are, to be honest, a bit rubbish. Maybe you’ve re-written the same sentence 10 times. Maybe the tone soundsContinue reading “Writing through the Fog”

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Oh, it’s crippling doubt.

What’s the biggest thing standing in the way of your writing? For me, it’s this guy. Impostor syndrome, writer’s block…whatever you want to call it, it seems we all suffer from that inability to proceed with confidence at some time or other. The countless articles and blog posts on this all seem to say theContinue reading “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Oh, it’s crippling doubt.”